“People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them.”  

– Epictetus 50-135 A.D.


If you feel that you have problems coping with everyday life and you feel that you can’t deal with it on your own any more, it could be good for you to try psychological counselling or psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching

As alternative practitioner (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie) I offer various options for psychotherapy, counselling and coaching for adults as well as children and adolescents to best meet my customers’ individual needs.

  Psychotherapy & Individual Counselling

Sometimes in life we get into situations that are just too overwhelming to cope with them on our own. And we might feel like there is no way out of this misery. But there is a way. Let’s find it together.

In my therapy sessions I focus on talk therapy with the solution focused brief therapy approach. If the client agrees, I like to complement my therapy sessions with other therapeutic methods when appropriate.

There is a student discount available for psychotherapy and psychological counselling.

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  Couples & Sex Therapy

Difficult episodes in a relationship can arise due to numerous reasons. Every couple is different and every story unique. But since these hardships can be a challenging task to overcome, it often proves helpful to seek an external view on the situation through couples counselling. For couples struggling with their sex life I offer sex therapy in from of talking therapy as well.

Sessions will be held with both partners, but if desired, individual sessions with each partner can be included as a part of the therapy path.

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  eTherapy & eCounselling

Individual therapy or couples counselling sessions held in the comfort of your home. Sounds good? Then eTherapy or eCounselling might be for you. All you need is a working internet connection, a quiet place where you feel comfortable and a Skype account. If Skype doesn’t work for you, eMail counselling is another option.

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  Culture and Business Coaching

I offer two distinct categories of coaching sessions:

Culture Coaching for Expats coming to Germany or moving to a new country and
Business Coaching for Professionals facing troubles at the workplace.

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This website is designed to give you a first impression of my therapy methods. I am looking forward to seeing you in person in order to talk with you about your issue in my practice “Praxis am Rosengarten“.


Marita Helkimo-Hauser


Marita Helkimo-Hauser

I am Marita Helkimo-Hauser, independent Psyshrink therapist at my private practice in „Praxis am Rosengarten“ in Bornheim, Frankfurt am Main.

Originally from Finland, I have spent many years living abroad, during which I was able to get insights into different cultures and learn various languages. The different stops on my life’s journey have been Austria, Poland, Russia and now Germany. Therefore, my personal experience as an expat allows me to better understand the difficulties that my clients undergo when living and working in a foreign country.

Besides German, I speak English and Finnish and can also communicate fluently in Swedish language. Having spent many years in Eastern Europe, I learned a little Polish and Russian as well.

Read more about my personal background here.


Pricing Information

If you are interested in booking therapy, counselling or coaching sessions, I would like to inform you about my fees in advance.

You can book your appointment here: online booking

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching

  • individual psychotherapy session – 50 min – 120 €
  • psychological counselling session – 50 min – 120 €
  • child/adolescent psychotherapy – 50 min – 120 €
  • discount for full-time students – 50 min – 70€ (on presentation of a valid student card in the first session,  must be vocational studies, not intended for school children/adolescents)
  • couples counselling  – 80 min – 180 €
  • coaching session – 50 min – 120€
  • multiple sessions coaching package – 6 x 50 min – 600€
  • eTherapy (individual) via Skype – 50 min – 120€
  • eCounselling (couples) via Skype – 50 min – 120€ // 80min – 180€
  • eMail Counselling – 40€ per counselling email (normal inquiries are free of course!)

What are your payment options?

    cash payment directly after the session
    debit or credit card payment in the practice after your session (Maestro, VISA, Mastercard)
    receive an invoice for a bank transfer
     for eTherapy and eCounselling payments are done via PayPal before the sessions or according to prior consent via bank transfer

 Please note about insurance coverage:

Services are not covered by German public insurance. Some private health insurance companies in Germany and international insurance companies may cover services at the private practice, however, you will need to check that directly with your provider.

Soziales Honorar (discounted fees)

I take part in Theralupa’s initiative “Soziales Honorar“, which is a program designed to grant individuals, couples and families with lower income access to psychological services by offering them discounts. If your financial situation is tight and you provide evidence, you may be eligible for a discount. Don’t hesitate to ask.


I am a member of


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