eTherapy (online therapy)

eTherapy & eCounselling

global – convenient – easy access!

eTherapy are online therapy sessions that are accessible to anyone around the world. Respectively, eCounselling refers to online counselling sessions for individuals or couples. All you need is a working internet connection and Skype for video calls. Or even just email for written consultation if Skype doesn’t work for you.

eTherapy and eCounselling allow you to have your therapy or counselling session from the comfort of your own couch at home. I recommend choosing a quiet place, where you are not disturbed by anybody and feel comfortable during the call.


Pricing for Online Therapy and Online Counselling

  • Individual eTherapy / eCounselling via Skype – 50min – 110€
  • Couples eCounselling via Skype
    – 50min – 110€
    – 80min – 170€
  • eMail Counselling – 30€ per counselling eMail (regular inquiries are free, of course!)

Payment must be done before the session via PayPal. According to prior agreement you can pay via bank transfer as well.

For further information just send me an email or call!